Christopher H. Martin | 2023 Heart | Arcylic on Acrylic

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One acrylic painting from Christopher Martin

Christopher H. Martin | 2023 Heart | acrylic on acrylic | 16” x 16”
Local Aspen artist with galleries in Aspen, Dallas, and Vail


“My works are a challenge to me on many levels, I seek a balance between organic formation with a painterly construct. If I sense that it is not clear whether my work was formed from heat, air, water, or a painted expression, then I feel that the piece is a success. To find a natural sense of existence is my intention. Void of overt narrative or implied suggestions I want the atmosphere around my work to vibrate with energy and balance.

Organic Expressionism is a succinct way to describe my process. I start with a clear acrylic panel and apply heat, wind, water, brush, and pigment in reverse order to create my paintings. In reverse glass painting, the artist works from foreground to the background; the initial strokes being the most imperative and the final being of very little consequence; the inverse of a canvas.

By engaging forms of interlaced ovals, linear movements, arcs, and fields of color, I seek to produce a unique visual expression in each painting. As a botanist who crosses variant orchids to create a beautiful new strain, I fuse various applications and forms to evolve my paintings. In the end, I paint to create a strong aesthetically engaging presence that evokes a calm excitement of natural beauty.”

— Chris Martin


About Christopher Martin:

Christopher H. Martin (born 1969) is an American artist working with paintings on acrylic and canvas mediums. A self-taught artist, he is known for his signature technique of painting in reverse, using acrylic paint on a clear sheet of acrylic. Martin modernizes the 14th century technique of “Verre Églomisé” to layer acrylic paint on the reverse side of his acrylic canvas in creating his original pieces. In 2006 Martin began working on his third medium, Metallic Prints. Martin has created twenty-two Metallic Print series, totaling two hundred and fifty-one photographs.

Born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and raised in Orlando, Florida, Martin started his career in the financial retirement industry and quickly realized that his passion was art and creating art. Martin began painting in 1994 in Dallas, Texas where he worked and lived at his studio in Uptown. Over the years, as his career evolved, he has had five different studio/gallery locations in Dallas. Martin then partnered with another gallery owner in Los Angeles in opening The Martin Lozano Gallery. He opened Christopher Martin Gallery in Aspen, Colorado in November 2010. In 2016, Martin opened a third location in Santa Fe, New Mexico on the city’s famed Canyon Road. Martin currently has his galleries in Dallas, Santa Fe and Aspen, along with ongoing exhibitions in galleries in Houston and San Francisco.

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